The Mikra House

The Mikra House is a prefabricated SIPs panel prototype designed and built in collaboration with the San Jose City College. It is an exploration of the limits of the buildable envelope and a study of prefabrication with the use of SIP panels. Designed to fit on a standard trailer, the Mikra is designed to expand upon delivery by adding a loft and three wall panels which fold out mechanically. This turns a 136 sf building footprint into a total of 407 sf of usable floor space.

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Mikra House

Mikra House was Supported By:

• San Jose City College,
Business and Workforce Development & Career and Technical Education Program (CTE)

• Perkins Funding

• Proposition 39: California Clean Energy Jobs Act

• Sacramento Municipal Utility District

• Mathew Welsh at Earth Electric

• OBC Cork

• Premier SIPs

• SJCC Robotics and Automation Club

• EcoLogic Design Lab