Your property development goals realized

For over 20 years EcoLogic Architects has been creatively solving design challenges using sustainable methods including site specific design, healthy materials, renewable energy integration, and more.

We specialize in site specific Property Development Solutions

At EcoLogic Architects we work together with you to find the optimal design solutions for your property development goals. We specialize in designing new construction, remodels, and additions. We offer both residential and commercial architecture and guidance throughout the process to realization. We also provide design services for the Sustainable Master Planning of larger projects and multiple structures.

We offer a diverse pallet of wrap-around services to help you manifest your property development ideas, adding value, functionality and harmony to your property. These services include site planning, integrated 3-D building information modeling, perspective renderings, structural, interior and landscape design, permit coordination and construction management.

Please contact us for a consultation to discuss how we can help your fulfill your property development goals.


Architectural Design

Our Architectural Design process will incorporate your project goals, evaluate the project constraints and use a variety of tools to bring the initial concept to a finalized stage of conception in order for permitting and construction to begin.

Structural Design

Our Structural Design process will take the established schematic design and prepare a structural solutions to ensure the building is safe and resistant to the natural elements with foundation, framing plans, details, calculations and building code specifications.

Interior Design

The Interior Design process brings the project to life with a careful composition of colors and healthy materials. We visualize the design with immersive perspective renderings and make a stylish coherent and efficient selection of furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Permit Coordination

The Permitting Coordination process helps ensure your local planning and building department as well as your neighbors are in full approval of your property development plans by meeting the health, safety, efficiency, and building code standards in your area.

Architecture should speak of its time & place, yet yearn for timelessness.

What We Are About

EcoLogic Architects is an architectural design practice based in Central California, with over 20 years experience providing state-of-the-art, conscientious property development services.

We work with you to fulfill your project design goals and harmonize functional beauty, energy efficiency, and ecological integrity for maximum human comfort. A celebration of space and form for living spaces

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